Gender Issues

A person's sense of gender is something that is generally learned from early in childhood. Sometimes gender is used as a source of power, particularly within certain cultures. This may positively or negatively impact a person who is affected by such beliefs, depending on their gender. Some people are raised with more traditional beliefs and values surrounding their gender and the roles they live than others who may be less rigid in their expectations of what is masculine and what is feminine. When couples come together and have different views and expectations of gender roles, conflict often results. Careful negotiation and understanding of the meaning each partner ascribes to the role is necessary to successfully navigate a potentially volatile relationship issue.

However, despite conflicts that may ensure between couples regarding gender role expectations, great heartache and deep confusion can also occur among individuals who do not feel their gender matches their core identity as male or female. Transgender issues are serious issues that require great exploration, compassion and understanding. I offer professional support, which can be extremely helpful to those who may be suffering with inner torment and shame as they are seek to embody their true identity, striving to live in harmony and congruence within themselves.

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