Infidelity / Affairs

The experience of infidelity can be incredibly devestating. The feelings of rage, betrayal and deceit often feel overwhelming, leaving the person who feels betrayed unsure of what is real or trustworthy, as their world suddenly feels turned upside down. I have worked with many couples over the years who have gone through affairs and have helped them successfully repair and rebuild their relationship, having it become stronger, with more intimacy, than they ever had experienced before the affair. The things that led up to the infidelity occurring are systemically explored and used as "lessons" for going forward, strengthening the previous "weak spots" in the relationship. Although this work can be extremely painful at times, the rewards found in creating a deeper, more fulfilling, intimate relationship can make the work required unquestionably worth it. If you have gone through infidelity or suspect it may be underway, I encourage you to consider therapy for trying to put the pieces back together in an attempt to create a much more satisfying relationship with a stronger foundation than you ever had before...

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