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I believe that we are all souls having a human experience. In that experience, we often discover parts of ourselves that are in need of developing further, in need of deeper healing. Clues to that discovery are usually reflected back to us by internal struggles or ongoing conflicts within our intimate relationships and/or family members. I have special techniques I use with clients, such as EMDR and Tapping, that produce extremely fast results in seeing shifts and changes inside, as we are unable to change anyone but ourselves and our reactions to others. 

I view intimate relationships as sacred contracts, which are sometimes designed to only last a season or sometimes are intended to actually last a lifetime. Either way, those contracts are full of opportunities for individuals to learn how to heal their personal triggers in order to emotionally and spiritually evolve. Intimate relationships are our greatest vehicle for personal growth, even if the relationship doesn't work out. Everything we encounter in our human experience is designed to help us learn about ourselves in order to grow...Therefore, it's important to embrace it ALL, the good, the bad and even the very painful! 

I love helping people clear resentments and traumas, which then raises a person's frequency or vibration. In the raising of one's vibration, new things are able to be attracted into a person's life and manifested. This is also true for helping couples make shifts within their current relationships in order to create new fulfilling experiences of love and intimacy. I firmly believe that therapy should be a transformational process, with new ways of approaching life and relationships, thus helping clients create the life and relationship that their soul longs to experience!

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have been seeing individuals and couples for more than 25 years. As a result, I bring lots of experience and clinical expertise into my sessions, whether it's treating infidelity, trauma, sex therapy or just strengthening communication between partners in couple therapy.  I am highly engaged in the journey I take with clients, with direct feedback and instruction offered along the way.

I also specialize in treating infidelity; I have an incredibly strong track record for helping couples who experienced an affair (if both are committed to saving the relationship), create a relationship that is much stronger than it ever was leading up to the infidelity. I will teach you how to lay a much stronger foundation over time, increasing levels of trust, intimacy and connection.

The world is quite crazy and chaotic these days. Please feel free to reach out for extra support to help navigate the obstacles and pitfalls that may be experienced along your way...My goal is to make sure that your life dramatically improves after beginning therapy with me and help you reach your goals! I am committed to the process and have lots of tools to help you make significant shifts so that you feel confident and empowered  for whatever you are facing....

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