The term "energy psychology" (EP) refers to a new, cutting-edge field that focuses on the human subtle energy systems, which creates healing, restoration and balance. The primary focus is to stimulate energy within the body by working with various energy systems, such as the meridians or chakras, in order to help energy become unblocked and flow in a healthy and positive way. Often painful experiences can cause blockages within these energetic systems, causing both physical and emotional pain. Various methods are used to help open the energy channels and allow a person to feel a sense of freedom and relief from traumas and emotional pains, such as through tapping (also known as: meridian tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT), TAT, Ask and Receive, just to name a few. Energy psychology has been shown to have successful outcomes when treating a wide variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD/trauma, phobias, addictions, weight loss and pain (see: energypsych.org/displaycommon.cfm for more info). Results are typically fast and dramatic, often much faster than traditional "talk therapy."  I utilize various energy-based psychotherapy modalities into my work with clients to help them along their journey of growth and healing.

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