Couple Therapy

Perhaps you're in a committed relationship but are feeling very lonely and unsure what to do next? Just know that there are different seasons of romantic relationships. It is quite common for couples who were once very connected and close to go through periods of distance and conflict over the course of their relationship. Sometimes couples are simply in need of a "tune up"--therapy can help partners rebuild their relational foundation and find their way back to each other. So whether you're in the early stages of your relationship unsure what all the current conflict means, or perhaps you're in a relationship raising children together and feeling disconnected from your partner romantically, or maybe you've been together a long time and have launched your children but are uncertain of the future of your relationship...there are ways of rekindling the spark which originally drew you together, essentially deepening your bond as a couple. By utilizing various clinical lenses, I will help you gain insight and make changes into long-standing relationship patterns and/or negative beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing JOY and deep fulfillment in your life & relationships...

Intimate romantic relationships can be our biggest vehicles for growth in life, as partners often have access to "pushing buttons" that the average person cannot. Power-struggles often reveal areas inside each person in need of attention. I am a believer that people come into our lives for different reasons, sometimes for the long-haul and other times just for a season. Regardless of the time frame, the relationship can serve as a "teacher," with a higher purpose of helping us reconnect with LOVE...

A couple, by definition, is made up of two people. When there is a problem within the relationship, partners often see the "other" as the root of the conflict. In reality, however, there are dynamics at play in the relationship contributing to the difficult situation. Often we are drawn to partners because there is something familiar, whether conscious or unconscious, to relationships from early years. As a systemically trained Couple & Family Therapist, I am skilled in helping couples understand underlying dynamics that perpetuate problems in a relationship, while also helping each partner understand their role contributing to the outcome. There are many dances of intimacy found between couples and once the dance becomes illuminated and understood by both parties, change can easily be made with long-term results. Feel free to reach out and strengthen your relationship today: [email protected]!

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