LGBTQ / Sexual Identity Issues

Despite the many on-going strides made within the U.S. for equality, non-heterosexual people often struggle in their "coming out" experience, internalizing a great source of shame about being different. Some people recognize from an early age their attraction to the same-sex, while others do not discover it until much later in life, sometimes after following the heteronormative path of marriage to the opposite sex, along with having children. Regardless of when a person realizes their true sexual identity, it is necessary to sort through the many feelings that often accompany the decision to "come out" and live in integrity with who they believe they are as individuals.

Sexual orientation can be very complex and fluid for some, with many facets in need of further exploration. I offer support and insight in a non-judgmental space in order to successfully explore these various facets; my goal is to help you embrace ALL of who you, helping you fully accept your sexual identity and be confident and proud of exactly who you are and who you may be attracted towards and love.

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