Therapy for Therapists

We are all on a joureny towards wholeness, healing and growing from past wounds and traumas. Many times therapists are drawn into the field of therapy because of their own past experiences, which allows them a greater sense of insight and empathy for clients' circumstances. However, therapists, just like other clients, are not immune from life's pain or relationship stressors. It becomes very important for therapists to find a safe and confidential outlet to process issues they may be dealing with in their own lives, especially when it has the potential of interfering with their own therapy they provide to clients.

Having worked closely with the model of Person of the Therapist (developed by Harry Aponte, LCSW) in supervision at Drexel University for almost 10 years and also working with many therapists over the years and seeing how personal issues can cloud good clinical care and judgement, I work with therapists to explore and heal painful parts of their own lives so that they can live fully from their Center, both in their personal lives and also when treating clients. Understanding areas of reactivity become key holes for discovering areas that are still in need of acknowledgment and healing.

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