Reiki Therapy In Philadelphia, PA

The practice of accessing Reiki healing energy began in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui and was later brought over to the West and is used on both humans and animals. It accesses a Universal Life Force that restores a state of well-being to one's mind, body and spirit.

This approach focuses on the 7 energy centers within the body, which are called chakras. Each chakra is considered a database of your life experiences. Often times as we go through life, certain circumstances and painful emotions will cause the energy in our bodies to become blocked. Reiki helps to clear out blockages and allows the life force energy within a body, which is sometimes called "chi" or "prana," to flow fully, bringing peace, harmony, relaxation and healing. Reiki is also a wonderful complementary experience to various medical treatments, and now is commonly used among many cancer patients for pain management.

Reiki is not based on any religion or specific spiritual practice and works regardless if someone believes in it or not. Reiki is primarily done by having a person fully clothed lay on a massage table while a practitioner who has been attuned to the different levels of reiki energy lays their hands on different parts of the body to help the energy heal and flow.

I am also a volunteer reiki provider at various animal shelters in Philadelphia, including PAWS and Street Tails, where I go with a team of reiki practitioners and give reiki to the cats and dogs. Animals respond extremely quickly to reiki energy, which helps bring emotional calmness and physical healing.

Rates for sessions:

  • 50 Mins / $ 85.00
  • 50 Mins with Healing Laser / $125.00
  • 25 Mins / $ 45.00
  • 25 Mins with Healing Laser / $65.00

Animal reiki (for small animals like cats or small-medium dogs):

  • 25 mins / $35.00
  • 25 mins with Healing Laser / $45.00

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