Sex Therapy

Sexual issues often leave us feeling the most vulnerable and ashamed. When a couple's sexual relationship is working well, it comprises only about 20% of their attention; however, when there is an issue affecting sexual satisfaction causing sex in a couple to become stress-filled or decrease in frequency, often it will begin to take up much more of a couple's attention and focus, increasing dissatisfaction and resentment within the relationship, as well as a sense of disconnection.

Sexual dysfunctions are sometimes the result of issues going on within the relationship; therefore the bedroom often becomes a metaphor for other issues. It is important that a thorough medical exam takes place prior to beginning sex therapy for whomever is presenting with the sexual dysfunction. Some common problems found among women coming in for treatment include: vagninismus, vestibulitis, anorgasmia, and low sexual desire. Some common problems found among men coming in for treatment include: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. The most prevelant sexual dysfunction, however, are couples coming in for help with inhibited sexual desire disorder, where one (or sometimes both) of the partners does not have much libido or desire for sex in the relationship.

By working together with a couple, I help each partner understand the dysfunction through a systemic lens, while providing homework and instruction for creating the outcome being sought. The overall goal is to have partners report an increased sense of intimacy, connection and sexual satisfaction.

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