Communication Issues

issues to "keep peace"...the problem with that approach is that over time that "keeping peace" tactic often grows into resentment and the communication patterns often get layered more deeply. Typically, couples get caught within repetitive communication patterns and they come into therapy because they feel stuck and unable to move from what feels like an emotional gridlock. I am able to help you learn how to begin effective diaglogues around issues that may be "walled-off" or issues that may be at the center of ongoing conflict. Current research on communication patterns between couples reveal both destructive and constructive characteristics found within relationships, suggesting patterns found in healthy and unhealthy relationships. I can help you discover the underlying patterns that are causing frustration and dissatisfaction in your relationship and teach you how to effectively communicate with your partner that brings deeper understanding and connection. Perhaps you realize that you want more out of your relationship and want to begin creating healthy new communication
patterns with the person you love...if so, please call.

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